New Year’s Resolutions to Benefit Your AC System

New Year’s Resolutions to Benefit Your AC System


With most of us glad to see the back of 2020, expectations are inevitably high for a better 2021. However, when it comes to machinery air-conditioning circuits, it takes more than optimism to ensure they deliver. We’ve put our heads together and come up with a few achievable yet effective New Year’s resolutions to help your system perform well throughout 2021.


·       Make sure you use your air-conditioning all year round. In winter you’ll find that it will remove moisture and de-mist your windscreen much quicker than waiting for the heating to kick in.

·       Get your air-conditioning system serviced and receiver drier changed every two years in an agricultural or construction vehicle. By doing so, you will protect the system from running low on refrigerant, since the average vehicle loses 10- 15% every year. Changing the receiver drier prevents the part from failing or wearing out and breaking down into the system.

·       Regularly check the drive belts on the compressor to see if they are worn or damaged as this could pose a risk to your compressor.

·       Make sure the cabin filter is changed when the system is serviced as this plays a vital part in purifying the air within the cabin.

·       Use an anti-bacterial “one-shot bomb” at least once a year to clear the evaporator and air-ducts. This will avoid bacteria build-up, which if left will create an unpleasant smell within the cab.

·       Check the exterior grills at the top of the cab for leaves and other debris. Taking the time to remove these will prevent them from getting sucked into the air-conditioning system and clogging it. Also, open the engine compartment and check the condenser. If necessary, use a hose (not a pressure washer) to clean out any debris that could clog the condenser and make it less effective.


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