Why not replacing your receiver drier could cost you Deere!

Why not replacing your receiver drier could cost you Deere!


To appreciate why it’s important to replace a receiver drier you first need to understand what it does. Also known as a filter drier – the clue is in the name. Located on the high-pressure side of the AC loop, the component stores lubricant and refrigerant and is responsible for filtering out any debris circulating in the system, as well as absorbing moisture. Why does this matter? Unwanted moisture will compromise the correct lubrication of a system and run the risk of internal corrosion. Any unfiltered particles allowed to freely circulate the loop will eventually clog up the system’s components (condenser, expansion valve and evaporator) and/or cause the compressor to seize. A costly and inconvenient outcome by anyone’s standards.


Abnormal pressures and poor system performance can be indicators that a receiver drier is not working properly. These are numerous reasons a drier might become compromised but common ones include:

1.     Receiver drier is worn – the desiccant and filtering layers within the drier don’t last infinitely and over time these will function less effectively.

2.     Receiver drier is spoiled – we all have limits and excessive oil and/or improper use of additives such as UV dye and flushing agents will saturate and clog a drier, compromising its performance.

3.     System Opening – Exposing the receiver drier to ambient air will result in its desiccant drawing moisture from the air and this will in turn reduce the drier’s capacity to remove humidity from the system.


Not replacing your receiver drier at the appropriate time will harm other system components, so when should you be looking to replace it? We recommend doing it every 2 years or whenever the circuit has been opened. It’s worth noting that if you don’t replace the drier when you change a compressor you will invalidate your warranty protection.

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