At AP Air we think it’s really important to share knowledge and there are few people who know as much about compressors as our Director, Ian Beswick. We asked him to answer our customers’ 5 most FAQ’s about compressors and here’s what he had to say.


Q - Why do you sell 2 types of compressor, Original and Aftermarket?

A - We want to give the customer, choice. He can fit an original oe compressor knowing he is maintaining the manufacturer’s original specifications, or if price is an issue he can fit an aftermarket compressor.


Q - How do aftermarket compressors compare?

A - AP Air has been sourcing them from high quality suppliers for over a decade and have had very few problems. Some manufacturers now factory fit this type of compressor, demonstrating the standard of quality.


Q - How often should the system be serviced?

A - A system will naturally lose gas, between 10 and 15% a year. To keep your system healthy we recommend checking the system annually and changing the receiver drier every 2 years.


Q - What are common causes for a compressor to fail?

A - Electrical problems, under/over-charging with oil/refrigerant, moisture in the system and high head pressures caused by poor airflow or a blocked condenser are common causes for compressor failure. Most of these can be avoided if they are corrected during installation and checked annually.


Q - How do I fit my compressor correctly to preserve my warranty?

A - All compressors must be installed correctly.

·      The original reason for failure must be determined and rectified.

·      The system must be flushed to remove the old oil and any debris. In systems where manufacturers are using Parallel flow condensers, or plate and fin evaporators these cannot be flushed and must be replaced!

·      The compressor clutch air gap should be checked and when the vehicle is running the compressor should receive 14.2v from the electrical system.

·      The correct amount and grade of oil put into the compressor. (Not all compressors come with oil.)

·      Receiver drier / accumulator must be replaced.

·      Expansion valve / orifice tube must be replaced.

·      Ensure the system is fully sealed and there are no leaks.

·      Perform a deep vacuum (evacuate) for a minimum of 30 minutes.

·      Charge correct amount of refrigerant.

·      Run the system for a period of time monitoring the gauges and ensuring the system is running correctly. There should be sufficient cooling in the cab.

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