Handy hints to winter proof your Tractor’s air conditioning system

Handy hints to winter proof your Tractor’s air conditioning system

Prevention is better than a cure and whilst harvest time works your AC system to its limit, you’d be wrong in thinking that winter is the time to let your tractor’s system hibernate. Our blog explores not only why you should be turning it on, but also some sensible precautions to keep your system healthy out of season.

Use it or lose it! – Obvious really but you’d be surprised how many people don’t. By running your aircon for at least 20 minutes every week you allow coolant to circulate the system, taking with it the lubricant needed to keep pipework and rubber seals in good working order. Nobody wants the inconvenience and expense of cracked seals and preventable refrigerant leaks.

There are time and safety benefits too; switching on the air conditioning in the colder months will swiftly remove air moisture and de-mist your windows. If you don’t find this to be the case, there’s a strong possibility that the refrigerant level in your system is lower than it should be and we’d recommend you get this checked out.

So what else should you be doing? Managing moisture in the system is important as internal “icing” can cause obstructions of the orifice tube or expansion valve, leading to excessive high pressures and low cooling. It’s always sensible to check your drain pans for stagnant water and make sure your hoses aren’t blocked. These can both lead to unwanted moisture in the system which encourages a build-up of bacteria and ultimately an unpleasant smell when the air conditioning is used.

It is also good practice to turn the AC off but keep the fan running during the 15-minute period before your vehicle is switched off as this helps the evaporator to dry out and keep cabin odours at bay. Finally, we also recommend you check the state of your evaporator filters; blockages will reduce the efficiency of your AC operation and also put unnecessary strain on the compressor.

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