Air conditioning – not just a breath of fresh air!

Air conditioning – not just a breath of fresh air!

More than just a means to provide comfort when you are working a job, air conditioning provides health benefits too – read this month’s blog to learn more.

The term “Farmer’s lung” will be familiar to you and whilst you won’t be surprised to learn that “Respiratory disease is a major occupational health risk for those working in agriculture…” you can’t help but be sobered by the Health and Safety Executive’s claim that these workers have: “…an incidence of occupational asthma several times the national average”.

Whether symptoms are triggered by grass, tree or weed pollen during the hay fever season, or the complex blend of spores, bacteria and chemicals of agricultural dust, the respiratory health implications are serious.

Few would argue the importance of keeping machinery downtime to a minimum and that servicing plays an important role in achieving that, however not everyone realises that an air conditioning service isn’t just a health benefit for their vehicle or fleet.

In our view the driver benefits of a fully functioning, regularly serviced air conditioning system include:

-       Climate comfort - obvious but not to be undervalued during extreme temperatures and long shifts!

-       Improved alertness which can lead to more efficient work as well as increased safety.

-       Cleaner air and reduced respiratory health risk – standard or pollen filters serve to trap particles being pulled through the system (which is why it’s important they are changed every service), whilst the cold surface of the evaporator attracts pollutant particles.       

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